What is Supply Chain Management

The concept of Supply Chain Management is based on two core ideas. The first is that practically every product that reaches an end user represents the cumulative effort of multiple organizations. These organizations are referred to collectively as the supply chain.

The second idea is that while supply chains have existed for a long time, most organizations have only paid attention to what was happening within their “four walls.” Few businesses understood, much less managed, the entire chain of activities that ultimately delivered products to the final customer. The result was disjointed and often ineffective supply chains.

Supply chain management, then, is the active management of supply chain activities to maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. It represents a conscious effort by the supply chain firms to develop and run supply chains in the most effective & efficient ways possible. Supply chain activities cover everything from product development, sourcing, production, and logistics, as well as the information systems needed to coordinate these activities.

The organizations that make up the supply chain are “linked” together through physical flows and information flows. Physical flows involve the transformation, movement, and storage of goods and materials. They are the most visible piece of the supply chain. But just as important are information flows. Information flows allow the various supply chain partners to coordinate their long-term plans, and to control the day-to-day flow of goods and material up and down the supply chain.

What is Logistics?

The planning, execution, and control of the movement / placement of goods and / or people, and the related supporting activities, all within a system designed to achieve specific objectives.

Logistics Management (CSCMP definition)
“Logistics management is that part of supply chain management that plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective forward and reverse flow and storage of goods, services and related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet customers’ requirements.”

Carrier overview

Andish Rah Logistics has been a licensed transportation intermediary since 2010.  We understand the needs of carriers and are uniquely positioned to develop strong, collaborative relationships with our service providers.

Andish Rah Logistics supports its customers with two distinct outsourced transportation services. 

  • Our contract logistics business is focused on transportation management utilizing longer term agreements and the strategic alignment of carrier networks with our customers freight flows.
  • Our brokerage business offers our existing customers a way to tap into the spot market and augment their access to capacity.

Our carrier network includes providers of all sizes who, depending on their interests, can access both opportunities.  We have a strong customer portfolio consisting of automotive OEMs, tier 1 suppliers, recreational products  and other manufacturing companies.   Current carriers have been selected based on their ability to effectively serve our clients on the basis of overall value, safety, technology capabilities, geographic coverage and quality of service.  This practice will continue to be the basis for selection of future carriers.

In order to streamline our interaction with you and ensure a positive experience, we have developed a carrier focused website that will enable you to interface with us quickly so you can spend more time on the road generating revenue.  Our goal is to provide an environment where you can access maximum information about our diverse freight opportunities enabling you to establish a strong, collaborative relationship with Andish Rah Logistics.


Mission / Vision / Values

Andish Rah Logistics represents an optimal combination of North American and Japanese strengths. We balance each of our values when making decisions affecting our stakeholders.


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